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Welcome to the 229 AHB wiki

229AHB logo.png

Your one stop shop for everything you need to know about joining and participating with the 229th

1CAV - The First Team

The 229th AHB was part of the 1st Air Cavalry and one of the highest decorated units of the Vietnam conflict.

Mention of the 1st CAV or the sight of its iconic insignia instantly invokes the image and sound of sprawling Huey formations.

Inspired by this legacy, we at the 229th strive to emulate the dedication, professionalism, and pride of the men who served in this honored unit.

229 AHB (virtual) - Who we are

The virtual 229th is all about co-operative gameplay, bent on recruiting like minded individuals committed to expanding our knowledge base and acquiring expertise in flying combat aircraft, as a team.

But its not all about combat Ops. Indeed most of our flying is done in smaller groups, or even pairs, just kicking about on the server doing some formation flying, cross-country navigation, or simply enjoying the view.

Many of our members have on-line flying interests outside of the 229th, which we don't discourage, each to his own. But, we would definitely like to see you here, contributing to the team, more than anywhere else.

No Geographical limits

Currently we have 3 companies representing different parts of the globe:

A229.png A Company: North America/South America
B229.jpg B Company: UK/Europe
C229.png C Company: Asia/Australia/NewZealand

There are active_members participating in all regions, so no matter the time of day, someone is likely to be online and flying.

Training & Mission nights

Efforts are made to maintain designated 229 mission nights. The particular day of week and time depends largely on time zone of the Company hosting the mission.

Often time, we're just hangin in TeamSpeak's Pilot's Lounge and shootin the shit while casually flyin on the server in various airframes. Not infrequently, this leads to an impromtu group mini-mission.

There are active_members participating in all regions, so no matter the time of day, someone is likely to be online and flying.

Joint Operations

Occasionally we do 'Joint Ops' with other Squadrons. These Joint Ops vary in scope and intensity, and can be most enjoyable and rewarding.

The 229th prides itself with consistently strong representations in these events.

Fundamental to the success and longevity of the 229th is the melding of knowledge, ideas, and the experiences of our membership, all while having fun.

Interested in enlisting?

If you want to give it a go, here's what to do.

Some applicants, after joining, learned that their gaming rig couldn't handle the demands of DCS online play.

If you're familiar with DCS gameplay you know by now if your rig is up to it. If not, please check out the "Outfitting" section below to get a handle on what equipment/software you'll need.

You can do a preliminary check of your online Multiplayer readiness on an unrestricted public server such as "aerobatics online".

To do so, click on Multiplayer in the DCS home screen and select from the server list. No password required. Have a fly. You can check your framerate while in game by pressing RShift-Pause.

Next, go to the "Joining" section below. Follow the instructions therein. Finally go to the "Setup" section and do the same.

Enlistment steps


Is your rig up to it?


Step by step

Setup & Downloads

Downloading, Installing, Configuring.

Once you get going

Training Syllabus

Requisite skill sets defining each level of flight proficiency within the unit.


DCS Module manuals and Military Operational manuals for each airframe type


Standard Operating Procedures for 229 AHB

Mission Prep

Personal admin checks to ensure you are mission ready

Specialist Companies

Specialized Mission Role Specific Companies


List of quick reference kneeboards



Having trouble hovering?

Advanced Topics

Multi-Aircraft Operations

229th Assault Helicopter Battalion 1st Cavalry Division Formation Flying Guide


Huey Gunship training and procedures.


How to use the available flight instruments and utilities in DCS to successfully and accurately navigate.


Basics of Rotary-Wing Aerodynamics

DCS SimPit


Flight Sim Hardware

DCS Modules

DCS Aircraft Modules


How to configure mod packages for use in DCS & for the 229th server missions


An in depth look at Voice Attack functionality, profiles and functions


A hands free way to take notes, ie F10 map coordinates.


An in depth look at Discord Server, Channels, Direct messaging, Groups and Voice

Updater GUI Utility

SkateZilla's excellent DCS Updater GUI / Launcher Utility

Simple Radio

Simple Radio is an add on utility that allows realism to aircraft radio utilization in DCS, including sound effects, correct radio & frequency requirement, line of sight and distance decay effects.

Further Viewing


(DCS tutorials and informative videos)

Further Reading


(reference texts and literature)

Getting started

Simple Radio link in SETUP section is broke

Need to confirm aerobatics info