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Flight Preparation or 'Battle Admin' is essential to successful mission participation

All too often co-operative flying activities with multiple members are spoiled by one individual who seems to think that its OK to waste everyone elses time, simply because they are ill prepared.


  • Do NOT rock up late
  • do NOT just rock up right on time.
  • Arrive EARLY

Give yourself a good 10<20 minutes (depending on the intracies of your setup) to confirm and validate that all systems are working properly

perform if you will a complete mission rehearsal, prior to the mission start time:

  • Start DCS (make sure its up to date at least 30 minutes prior to mission start time, depending on your download speed, in case you need to update)
  • log into the 229 server (to make sure your mods are enabled and working)
  • get in an aircraft (perform startup and check your radios are working)
  • perform MANDATORY radio check with another member to ensure SRS is working
  • fly a few circuits (make sure all your button mappings are functioning)
  • test fire your weapons etc. (leave absolutely nothing to chance)

Mission Preparation checklist

available here for your benefit

Flight prep checklist.png