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229th Modding Overview

The 229th has compiled a large and diverse Mod Pack which greatly enhances aesthetics and gameplay. These mods are "Required" to gain access to our servers.

The current nature of DCS necessitates insertion of these mod files into "Saved Games".

Additional "Optional Mods" can be used also. The vast majority of these mods are inserted into the Program Folders of your DCS install.

Mods, however, carry some liabilities. Some servers, outside of the 229th's, disallow mods of any kind and run "Integrity Checks" that will block modded DCS installs.

Also, mods typically need to be uninstalled from your game prior to any DCS Update, Repair, or Cleanup. Removing all these mod files from your install manually is an agonizing error prone ordeal.

A Mod managing program greatly simplifies this process. Our Mod manager of choice is OvGME.

OvGME inserts (Activates) the Mod files into the appropriate spot with the click of the mouse. The mod files can also be removed (Deactivated) with the another click of the mouse.

Multiple profiles can be generated in OvGME. Typically one would have a "Saved Games Mods" profile and a "Program Mods" profile for your Required and Optional mods respectively.

See OvGME section for specifics.

Note: Caveat - DCS Updates, Repairs, and Cleanups will not effect mod files kept in "Saved Games" so these do not need to be deactivated.  
The Mods kept in the DCS Program Folders DO need to be deactivated. "Saved Games" AND "Program" Mods  need to be deactivated to pass server Integrity Checks.

Required 229 Mods

The Required 229th Mod PackMod Pack can be downloaded here.

The download will consist of a single zip file which will contain the following 10 zip files.

You will copy these Mod Packs to a designated folder.

This dedicated Folder is different from the Optional Mods Folder and will be described in the OvGME section.

Once the zips are located in the designated folder they will appear in OVGME when you configure the profile correctly.

Optional 229 Mods

DCS is a relatively heavily modded game. These mods are most notably showcased on the Eagle Dynamics forum [LINK] as well as the DCS sight [LINK] under "User Files".

The 229th forum also has a downloadable collection of Combined Mod Packs specific to our most common airframes.

Once you downloaded a Mod, you will place it in a dedicated folder. This dedicated Folder is different from the Required Mods Folder and will be described in the OvGME section.

Note that the mods in this dedicated Folder can be zipped or unzipped.

OVGME Mod Manager


How to install and configure OVGME


How to enable mods to connect to 229 servers


How to disable mods to update DCS


How to disable mods to play on "pure client" servers