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Hardware used by members of the 229th


VIRPIL Controls

VIRPIL Controls
Virpil mongoose T50M2.png VPC Mongoose T-50 CM2
Virpil constellation delta.png VPC Constellation DELTA Grip


Vkbsim mcg.png Modern Combat Grip
Vkbsim scg.png SCG Space Combat Grip ‘KOSMOSIMA’

Cyclics (Joysticks)

Saitek sticks

Saitek Joysticks
Saitek x56 rhino stick.jpg Saitek X56 Rhino Stick
Saitek x55 rhino stick.jpg Saitek X55 Rhino Stick
Saitek x52 pro stick.jpg Saitek X52 Pro Stick
Saitek x52 stick.jpg Saitek X52 Stick (D/229) gadget

CH Products

CH Products Sticks
CH products fighterstick.jpg CH Products Fighterstick
CH products flightstick pro.jpg CH Products Flightstick Pro


Thrustmaster Controls
TM warthog cyclic.jpg Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick (D/229) gadget
(C/229) Space_Cadet
TM T16000M.png Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Joystick

Komodosim Cyclics

Komodo Sim Cyclic Controls
Komodo UH1.png Komodo Simulations: UH-1 Cyclic (D/229) Huck
Komodo EC.png Komodo Simulations: EC135/145 & H135/145 Cyclic
Komodo B206.png Komodo Simulations: B206/407 Cyclic

Pro Flight Trainer Cyclic

Pro Flight
Pro flight stick.png Pro Flight Trainer Puma Cyclic (B/229) Wolfhound
(D/229) Groundhog
(B/229) Recon9

Flight Link Cyclic

Flight Link
Gstick32.gif Flight Link G-Stick III Plus Cyclic (D/229) gadget

Throttles / Collectives

Saitek throttles

Saitek Controls
Saitek x56 rhino throttle.jpg Saitek X56 Rhino Throttle
Saitek x55 rhino throttle.jpg Saitek X55 Rhino Throttle
Saitek x52 pro throttle.jpg Saitek X52 Pro Throttle
Saitek x52 throttle.jpg Saitek X52 Throttle (D/229) gadget
Saitek pro flight throttle quadrant.jpg Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant

CH Products

CH Products Throttles
CH products pro throttle.jpg CH Products Pro Throttle
CH products throttle quadrant.jpg CH Products Throttle Quadrant


Thrustmaster Controls
TM warthog throttle.jpg Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle (D/229) gadget
(C/229) Space_Cadet
TM T16000M throttle.jpg Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Throttle


VIRPIL Controls
Vpc mongoose T50 throttle.PNG VPC Mongoose T-50 Throttle

Komodo Simulations Collectives

Komodo Simulation Collectives
Komodo sim uh1 collective.PNG Komodo Simulations UH1 Collective (D/229) Huck
Komodo sim ec collective.PNG Komodo Simulations EC Collective
Komodo sim b407 collective.PNG Komodo Simulations B407 Collective
Komodo sim b206 collective.PNG Komodo Simulations B206 Collective

Pro Flight Trainer Collective

Pro Flight
Pro flight collective.png Pro Flight Trainer Puma Collective (B/229) Wolfhound
(D/229) Groundhog
(B/229) Recon9

Flight Link Collective

Flight Link
C1-collective.jpg Flight Link Collective w/Throttle C1

DIY Collectives

Example of Home Built DIY Huey Collective




Thrustmaster Pedals

Thrustmaster Pedals
TM TPR pedals.PNG Thrustmaster TPR Pedals
TM T16000M pedals.jpg Thrustmaster T.16000M Pedals

CH Products Pedals

CH Products Pedals
CH products pro rudder pedals.jpg CH Products Pro Rudder Pedals

Saitek Pedals

Saitek Rudder Pedals
Saitek pro flight combat pedals.jpg Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals (D/229) gadget
Saitek pro pedals.jpg Saitek PRO Flight Rudder Pedals (C/229) Space_Cadet
Saitek pro cessna pedals.jpg Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Rudder Pedals

MFG Crosswind Pedals

MFG Crosswind Pedals.png MFG Crosswind Pedals

Komodo Simulation Pedals

Komodo Simulation Pedals
Komodo sim PEDALS.PNG Komodo Simulation Pedals (D/229) Huck

VKBsim Pedals

VKBsim Pedals
Vkbsim T rudders Mk.IV.PNG VKBsim T-rudders Mk.IV Pedals

Slaw Device Pedals

Slaw Device Pedals
Slaw pedals.jpg Slaw Device RX Viper Pedals
Engineering porn

Pro Flight Trainer Pedals

Pro Flight
Pro flight pedals.png Pro Flight Trainer Pedals (B/229) Wolfhound
(D/229) Groundhog
(B/229) Recon9

Flight Link Pedals

Flight Link
Atp3.gif Flight Link Anti-Torque Pedals (D/229) gadget

DIY Pedals

Example of Home Built DIY Huey Pedals


Head Tracking

Track IR
TrackIR.jpg TrackIr 5 Optical Head Tracking System

Virtual Reality Headsets


Oculus VR
Oculus rift.jpg 'Oculus Rift D/229 gadget'
Oculus rift s.jpg Oculus Rift S


Htc vive.jpg HTC Vive D/229 Huck
Htc vive pro.jpg HTC Vive Pro C/229 Space_Cadet


Pimax.png Pimax 5K
Pimax8k.jpg Pimax 8K

Switch Panels


Saitek Switch Panels
Saitek pro flight switch panel.jpg Saitek - Pro Flight Switch Panel
Saitek pro flight radio panel.jpg Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel
Saitek pro flight multi panel.jpg Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel
Saitek pro flight instr panel.jpg Saitek PRO Flight Instrument Panel

GNS 430/530 panel

Desktop Aviator Panels
2670.jpg Laminar Research: Model 2670 GNS Switch Panel (A/229) Chic
(HHC/229) GunfighterSix

Custom Switch Panels


A complete set of Huey Panels , Full panels, Individual panels & 'hybrid' panels (with only the required working switches), are available here.

Dwg panel.png

Joysticks Mods

Thrust Master Warthog extension:

TM ext.PNG


TM base.PNG


TM top.PNG


Simulator cockpit builds

Custom built home cockpits

WARNING: only those with deep pockets and too much time on their hands should venture here
many who have, were never heard from again.

Ryan Aerospace

Helimod Mk.III
Helimod mk3.png Ryan Aerospace Helimod Mk.III if ANYONE admits to having one of these - you're BANNED (out of pure envy)

Pro Flight Trainer Puma

Pro Flight
Pro flight trainer puma.png Pro Flight Trainer Puma (B/229) Wolfhound
(D/229) Groundhog
(B/229) Recon9

Flight Link Suite

Flight Link
Flight link suite.png Flight Link Advanced Helicopter Package (D/229) gadget

VR-ti-gone: 2DOF tilt-sim

VR tiltsim.PNG "VR-ti-gone" 2DoF tiltsim



USB controller cards


Arduino cards

Leo Bodnar

Leo Bodnar Boards


Pro Micro cards

Software / Code








Shift Registers

Switch Matrix vs. Shift Registers

TLE5010 magnetic angular sensor

TLE 5010 Sensor