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Software Requirements

  • DCS World 2.5 OpenBeta
  • Huey module (at least)

Hardware Requirements

see DCS_system_requirements

  • Graphics Card (best you can afford)
  • CPU (best you can afford)
  • Memory (recommend min 16GB < 32GB RAM)
  • Joystick
  • Throttle quadrant or Collective
  • Pedals
  • Headset with microphone (good quality recommended)
  • Largest quality monitor (you can afford) or
  • Virtual Reality headset
  • Head Tracking setup strongly recommended for 2D

User Account Requirements

There will be a requirement to connect to and in many cases login to specific servers for various applications

It will require some administrative overhead to organise, remember, track usage and remember passwords for all of these userID accounts.

At minimum they will be as follows:

  1. Email account - most accounts will require, at minimum an email address
  2. DCS account - for purchasing of DCS modules and connecting to DCS Multiplayer servers
  3. 229 AHB Website account - for joining the 229 AHB and accessing the web resources available to members
  4. Discord account - to login to discord and join the 229AHB discord
  5. Forum membership accounts - for news and information with other sim aviation enthusiasts.
    • ED forums
    • Mudspike
    • etc

Note Whilst you might be able to use the same userID and password for each of these accounts
(depending on userID clashes and password restrictions on each of the servers) 
it is not recommended that you do this, for obvious security reasons.

Recommended that you try using something like Password safe, available at:


to keep track of each of your userIDs and passwords for each specific account/site.

Note: Password safe is also an excellent location to safely store all your DCS module keys.