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ScratchPad is a neat little mod that puts a scratchpad like overlay in the cockpit onto which you can type notes to yourself.

If you add VoiceAttack, you can make entries on the ScratchPad without typing. This combination makes a powerful hands free tool.

One very useful application is when you need to acquire Lat/Long coordinates in the F10 map and return to cockpit to enter the coords into GPS.

You basically record the coords by saying: North 42 36 18 East 40 21 07.

When you're back in the cockpit you can say "Transcribe" to automatically enter the data to the ScratchPad, or say "Playback" to hear the coords read back to you in a loop until you say "Enough".

Then you can use either the Scratchpad or the audio playback to enter data to GPS.

Find specifics on utilization below.

Download ScratchPad here:

Eagle Dynamics ScratchPad thread here:

Get VoiceAttack profile here: Scratchpad and Playback v1.3-Profile.vap

This procedure uses VoiceAttacks Dictation Buffer and Speech-to-Text functionality to type out what you dictated. With the ScratchPad up and in focus, you can use VoiceAttack to TRANSCRIBE your dictation.

This system requires that the ScratchPad window position is always the same. The current rendition is based on the scratch pad centered on the monitor, but can easily be changed to suit (see below).

Here's how it goes.

SAY Function
"BEGIN DICTATION" Listen for audio confirmation then start dictating.
"END DICTATION" Recorder stops
"SCRATCHPAD" Brings up Scratchpad in focus.
"TRANSCRIBE" Data prints out on Scratchpad
"ESCAPE" Brings focus back to DCS but preserves ScratchPad overlay
"FOCUS SCRATCHPAD" Puts ScratchPad back in focus and ready to recieve additional transcription
"CLEAR SCRATCHPAD" Clears ScratchPad.
"SCRATCHPAD" Toggles overlay off

If you want to hear an audio version of what you dictated instead of having it typed to Scratchpad, Say PLAYBACK (instead of TRANSCRIBE). The Dictation Buffer playback will be Looped 10 times or until you Say ENOUGH.

SAY Function
"PLAYBACK" The Dictation Buffer playback will be Looped 10 times or until you Say ENOUGH.
"ENOUGH" Stops the Dictation Buffer playback
"CLEAR DICTATION" Clears the Dictation Buffer


"CLEAR SCRATCHPAD" command will erase the Scratchpad only, NOT the dictation buffer. If you do not clear the dictation buffer, subsequent dictation will be added to the original, and the combined dictation will be Played Back or Transcribed on demand.

The Speech-to-Text function can get a little wonky but with a liitle practice it does fine, and any typos are usually inconsequential. After all, It's a ScratchPad DAMMIT!!!

The ScratchPad always loads to the same position.

To reposition your Scratchpad, drag & size it where you want it, then edit these VA commands; SCRATCHPAD, CLEAR SCRATCHPAD, FOCUS SCRATCHPAD.

Specifically, change the "Move mouse to Primary Screen Center" action to the new location using the move mouse tool.

 WARNING: If you use the "TRANSCRIBE" command without the ScratchPad open, key presses WILL reach DCS.
    e.g. : If the transcription included the "F" key, Your Huey will shut down (F=Fuel cutoff)